Training: Accessible Websites Made Easy - How To Assess Issues and Create Better Experiences

Date: Friday, August 2, 2019
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm

You need to make your website ADA compliant, whether it is WCAG or 508, but what does that actually mean? We'll go over the basics of accessibility and how it relates to you, your users, and your website. We'll dive into best practices for testing, recommended automated tools to use and demo a site with a screen reader to better understand your user experience. Attendees will audit their site for accessibility guidelines and then, together, we will cover the standards for fixing and avoiding common issues. Attendees should bring a laptop. Some extensions may be recommended to download.

NOTE: The screen reader portion of this demo will be using Mac's proprietary screen reader "Voiceover (VO)" which will vary slightly from other assistive technologies like NVDA and Jaws.

Michaela is a front end developer and the accessibility expert at Aten Design Group. Her drive to create accessible products stems from close relationships with people with impairments. Michaela holds two bachelor's degrees, one in Graphic Design and the second in Digital Media. Her education laid the foundation for her work in all aspects of the web. Coupled with her professional experience, she's able to tackle all sides of accessibility from start to finish on any project.

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