Twelve-Factor Drupal: Your path to Cloud-Native


You've attended all the Kubernetes, Docker, virtualization and cloud-y sessions at camps and DrupalCons, and everyone's talking about the latest cloud-native hotness. But... what about actually DOING any of this?

This is not another one of those talks. Assuming you're interested in moving your Drupal workloads to the cloud, how do we take advantage of cloud-native concepts in a framework that hasn't changed its system requirements much since Drupal 5?

Much as Drupal 8 brought our community to ditch "Not Invented Here" for "Proudly Found Elsewhere," we can look to the broader DevOps community for inspiration and guidance. Enter the Twelve-Factor App, a pattern for structuring applications to take advantage of cloud-native computing patterns. These factors are not specific to a specific cloud provider or technology, and projects and developers may progressively implement any or all of them at their own pace.

We will briefly cover all the 12 factors, and then delve further into a few that provide the most "bang for the buck" in making your Drupal application more portable and scalable. Specific examples will be given with suggestions of modules and configuration changes that enable the factors discussed.

At the close of the session, attendees will have an understanding of why cloud-native application development is important, how the 12-Factor App model enables these changes, and how to accomplish some of the most important components in Drupal.

About the speaker: Brad Jones has over a decade of experience in Drupal as a product owner, developer and architecture consultant. His recent work has focused on complex e-commerce in the Drupal Commerce ecosystem, as well as cloud migrations and Kubernetes. He owns a number of Drupal-powered e-commerce startups as well as serving as the DevOps lead for Fruition, a Denver-based digital agency. Brad loves that Drupal allows him to travel while working, and he also serves as a volunteer firefighter and paramedic.


Back End Development
50 minutes
Elevated Third (KC 203)
Session Time
04:20 pm ~ 05:10 pm

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