What Happens Next? Explore & Design Your Professional Path


"What's next?" is a question you may hear from your parents, peers, employers an ice breaker for interviews, one-on-ones, and learning / growth plan discussions

You may be asking the question to yourself as you ponder professional or community growth. It is always a challenging topic to approach - regardless of age, role, or job position.

But figuring out what you want to do can be hard. Reaching and obtaining your goals can be even harder. Not only for yourself, but for managers and leads, and your team members, too. Turning knowledge into action (the "Knowing-Doing Gap") is also a hurdle in reaching your goals. One may know how they want to grow, but may need some help in how to go about it.

This session will cover methods to explore, create, and start a new journey on your career path.

This session will cover how to get past the fears and baggage to explore and define a personal and business growth plan for yourselves.

The topics covered:

  • Quantify the worth of personal growth to yourself (personally and professionally
  • Align personal growth to the company business goals (hey, get your company to help!)
  • Tools to explore your professional path:                
    • Coaching and supporting the goal setting process     
    • Identifying actional, obtainable goals       
    • Strategic execution plan to achieve goals    
    • Measuring / tracking progress    
    • Common challenges with mentorship    
    • Working through challenges in a positive, supportive method      

Level of knowledge required 


Target audiences and their takeaways

  • All:          
    • Cool. I can see how to level up and help achieve my personal goals!
    • Wow! I now have a way to articulate where am I now and where do I want to go.
    • I hope my manager / lead / coach / partner will mentor me in this way.
    • Oh, could I apply this to growth within the Drupal community?  
  • Employees / Independents :                 
    • Identify if your environment is providing the mentorship you need.        
    • Use the tools to create some self-planning, should you not have the job support for growth.   
    • Have terms and concepts to articulate your needs to peers and management.  
  • Management / owner / boss-peoples types:              
    • Prerequisites to mentorship relationships.      
    • Methods to achieve effective results.      
    • You don't need a lot of overhead to support your employee's effective growth plan.
Being Human
50 minutes
Elevated Third (KC 203)
Session Time
10:00 am ~ 10:50 am

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