Progressive Decoupling Without an API!


When architecting a Drupal application to support a progressively decoupled approach, there is one question that always comes up, "How do you expose Drupal related data to the Javascript application?". Most developers solve this by enabling the REST API or JSON API module. Then configure the JS application to consume the data from the exposed API endpoints. But what if you didn't have to use an API at all? Wouldn't it be awesome if the data was available when the page loaded? 

If you want answers to these questions and more, then this is the talk for you! As we did exactly that for our clients that needed a highly performant datacenter application with various chart visualizations. We'll talk about the initial challenges that needed to be solved, along with the solutions that we came up with. We'll also demo a progressive decoupled application using React, so that  you can walk away from this session with an understanding on how to use these contributed modules in your next progressive decoupled project.

Back End Development
50 minutes
Aten (KC 201)
Session Time
02:20 pm ~ 03:10 pm

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