An Introduction to the Recurring Events Module


The recurring events module is a new project which allows site editors to create and manage events which recur in a variety of ways - including weekly, monthly, and custom recurrence configurations. An event series comprises of multiple event instances, each of which inherits data from the series, but can also be managed and viewed independently from the series itself, this offers great flexibility. There is also a custom pluggable field inheritance system allowing for any series data to be inherited to all instances of that series, providing a very powerful and efficient way to share data.

The module also has a submodule (recurring_events_registration) to handle registration for events on a series, or instance basis, including waitlisting and auto-promotion from the waitlist when a spot opens up. Registration email notifications are included as part of the submodule and can be customized to suit the needs of the site - including using tokens to personalize the messages.

Recurring Events also offers a number of opportunities for developers to extend and enhance functionality through custom hooks. The module is built on top of Drupal 8's core APIs and has no third-party or contrib module dependencies. It is also compatible with Views, Revisioning, Content Moderation, and Translation APIs.

In this session we will explore the module's core functionality, it's data modeling concepts, and developer extensibility. I invite anyone and everyone to contribute by helping test the module, submitting bugs or patches, or by requesting new functionality.


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Back End Development
Content Strategy
Site Building
50 minutes
Elevated Third (KC 203)
Session Time
02:20 pm ~ 03:10 pm

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