Everyone Should Document All The Things!


Have you ever joined a team and had a hard time adjusting to and groking their codebases? That's probably, in large part, because they didn’t do a very good job documenting the development of their applications as they went.

When I talk about documentation, I don’t just mean a wiki or a collection of README.md files hanging out somewhere. Documentation includes your actual code. Documentation can be the comments and docblocks in your code. Documentation can also be lurking in your issue tracking system. @see ISSUE-123

In this session, we’ll talk about all things documentation:

  • What makes up documentation? From code to comments to issue trackers to “the documentation”.

  • Who should be writing the documentation?

  • Where should it go?

  • When to write it? How you can nudge your team to keep contributing to the docs within CI tools?

  • Why even bother writing documentation?

  • How to grade yourself as you go, e.g a code coverage score for your documentation.

  • How some open source projects handle documentation including the Drupal project

At the end of the session, I hope to have buried you in links and references that you can take back to work and ponder over.

Slides: https://slides.com/afinnarn/document-all-the-things

People Mgmt
Project Mgmt
50 minutes
Aten (KC 201)
Session Time
11:00 am ~ 11:50 am

Session Evaluation