Drupal + React: Behind the scenes on some Drupal data tools


Come and hear the story of great success with Drupal and React, of various pains, and of personal growth. Your story-tellers are Kelly Molumby and Greg Knaddison. Kelly, with Wordpress and React experience. Greg, with Drupal 7 experience. Neither with experience in building headless Drupal 8 sites. Both hoping to create a rich data visualization to help further the mission of the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Come and learn what we learned while building a glorious data visualization website.

This "behind the scenes" session will include

  • A walkthrough of the features of the Morris Animal Foundation "Single Dog Report" site.
  • Some basics of Drupal site management like Email Registration module, using a 3rd party email service (Sendgrid), and welcoming 1000 existing users to a site.
  • Brief review of using Entities to store custom data from a CSV.
  • Brief review of building a REST API using Drupal's ResourceBase.
  • Building a React app to consume the Drupal-provided API.
  • Integrating a React app with Apache to pass arguments into React without using React Router.
  • Review some of the ways we integrated Google Analytics and Webforms into the React app to help get rich feedback about the app.

This session is meant to be broadly accessible. We will focus on features, capabilities, and pros and cons that are relevant for anyone building a Drupal site, while showing enough code to be useful for someone interested in building a similar site. We hope to have some good Questions and Answers.

50 minutes
Recital Hall
Session Time
10:00 am ~ 10:50 am

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