Build It Better, Stupid: Using Design Systems for Scalability


Please. Don't come to this talk if you:

  • Hate easily extendable theme structures
  • Can't stand clear, consice communication between your team
  • Love inconsistencies in your designs

(Just kidding, you should totally come to this talk)

You may have heard of atomic design or design systems. They are all the rage in our industry right now - but how do these principals apply in the real world? And what's the value of implementing them into your process?

In this talk we will discuss the advantages of implementing a consistent design system into your design and development workflows.

You will walk away knowing:

  • How design systems help designers and developers alike to stay consistent
  • How to use design systems for a smooth transistion between design and dev
  • How to successfully structure a theme for component-based design
  • How design systems improve a content admin's experience


Front End Development
50 minutes
Aten (KC 201)
Session Time
03:20 pm ~ 04:10 pm

Session Evaluation